About the Office

Sagi & Co., one of the leading firms in its field in Israel, is well-known and highly regarded for its expertise in the field of tax Law in general, and for its track record of formulating innovative and unique structures that meet its client’s requirements and provide efficient and quick execution.

In accordance with our firm belief that providing quality service mandates a material understanding of our client’s business operations and needs, Sagi & Co. stands out above the rest for its personal and hands-on service, which is always available to it clients. In its attempt to achieve said goals, the firm conducts its services in complete cooperation with CPAs, tax advisors, attorneys, and client business managers.

The firm’s services include drafting legal opinions, as well as comprehensive accompanying in the field of tax advice, beginning from the strategizing and structuring stage of transactions, including legal advice with respect to reporting duties to tax authorities and presentation of reports, all the way up to attaining settlements and/or agreements with tax authorities, including advanced tax rulings with respect to complex matters, as well as conducting deliberations vis’ a vis tax authorities, including, inter alia assessment discussions, appeals and litigation in legal instances and in the various appellate committees.

The Sagi & Co. law firm specializes in Tax advice, including:

income tax law

international taxation

direct and indirect taxation (VAT)

real estate taxation

taxation of trusts